Arnhem Land Northern Territory

Arnhem Land is situated in the northeast corner of the Northern Territory, a vast wilderness area which in capitulates Australia’s rugged and spectacular landscapes from escarpment country to the open flood plains; it remains Australia’s last wild frontier.

Arnhem Land harbours an amazing diversity of wildlife and has supported aboriginal colonisation for 10s of thousands of years. Arnhem Land encompasses the last remaining aboriginal settlements which still practice traditional hunting methods as a form of sustenance.

Arnhem Land Animal Species List:

  • Salt Water Crocodile
  • Fresh Water Crocodile
  • Venomous Snakes
  • Pythons
  • Turtles
  • Feral Boars
  • Water Buffalo
  • Donkeys
  • Monitor Lizards
  • Barramundi

Tours operating within the Dry season allow students to witness the rawness of nature, from Fresh and Salt water crocodile encounters, to hunting feral animals on the open flood plain to part taking in the process of spearing game such as barramundi and stingray.

An aspect of this tour is learning indigenous survival, making and designing fish traps, using boomerangs to acquire food and identifying micro-habitats which provide sustainable food resources for survival.

Tour Location

This tour operates in the remote and rugged Katherine Gorge, the pristine Katherine river channels through the escarpment ranges of Arnhem Land, the gateway to Australia’s wildest frontier.

Following the upper reaches of the Katherine River, the hike to our base camp involves a traverse of challenging country, from crossing small rivers, to climbing large escarpment outcrops, our base camp nestled deep within the Gorge takes roughly an hour to hike.

Difficulty (Medium)

The Northern Territory offers the perfect opportunity to test your physical and mental capabilities, the climate and terrain are extremely harsh, with rocky outcrops and sandy terrain making a traverse through the landscape challenging.

Temperatures can often reach 40 Degrees during the middle of the day, depending on whether the 3 or 5 Day tour is undertaken will ultimately reflect the degree of difficulty upon the individual.

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