About Ucles Wild Tours

Ucles Wild Tours are unlike any tour you will ever experience.

These tours are personalised with maximum capacity tours taking 3 individuals, meaning that your experience is one on one with one of the world’s most experienced Wildlife & Survival enthusiast.

These tours are designed to test your physical and mental capabilities in a challenging environment. It is a fundamental aspect of this tour that you will become more confident, knowledgeable and capable in a harsh and demanding environment.

The Ucles Wild Tours operate in two separate remote locations within Australia. As a result of seasonal variations throughout the Australian landscape these tours have been designed accordingly to climatic considerations but also to guarantee wildlife encounters.

These Tours operate both in Outback New South Wales & Arnhem Land, Northern Territory.

Tours within New South Wales operate between October to March.

Tours within Northern Territory operate between April to September.

Most Independent tour operations have rigid date scheduling, Ucles Wild Tours work with you and your availability, whether the holiday period is best for you or during a long weekend, the flexibility of these Tours means you won’t miss out on an adventure of a lifetime.

Become part of the experience.

Ucles Wild Tours welcomes all individuals to become part of nature. These Tours cater for a diverse age range from 18+ to 65.

Whether you have no experience or are looking to further your skills and abilities in nature, these tours are crafted around your comfort ability and experience level.

This experience can also be a family one, bring your son or daughter along, a friend or colleague, if you’re a couple looking to get in touch with your wild side and have a thrill for excitement, then this is the tour for you.

Whether you’re from the city or the country, we all have the abilities to thrive in nature, let me teach you the skills necessary to unlock your instincts and become a part of it, join me…

Ucles Wild Tours Locations

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